The system professional elite casting strength professional team presents high-end professional services.
Our company has been engaged in the research and development, design, production, manufacturing, and sales services of high-end holographic energy health products with carbon ink far infrared technology as the core for nearly 6 years. We have formed a talent selection and training system with Tianyi characteristics, and strictly control the selection, trial, assessment, training, and other links to ensure that every employee of the company has professional knowledge in design, manufacturing, management, and after-sales service, excellent communication and problem-solving abilities Warm and thoughtful service attitude, timely and accurate response to customer needs. As of now, Tianyi Electric has approximately 300 employees, of which more than 10% are professional senior staff and more than 50% are company supporting professionals. The rate of certified service personnel on duty is 100%. The company's service system management team has one service system management personnel and 21 service engineers. There are a total of 9 service management personnel from various departments and service system related personnel (including overseas branches). The company is equipped with three after-sales service managers to manage and guide after-sales service work.
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