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Tianyi far-infrared sauna room adopts cutting-edge carbon nano convex heating plate, which is safe at low temperature, and its heating area is 100 times larger than that of ordinary heating tubes. Far infrared 9-13 μ m. The radiation rate is as high as 0.881, which can deeply warm your whole body.
Tianyi far-infrared sauna is made of high-quality Canadian imported high-speed railway cedar/red cypress wood, and 100% of the inside and outside of the box are made of the same kind of wood. There is absolutely no miscellaneous wood, so you can enjoy the Phytoncide of logs with ease.
The Tianyi Far Infrared Sauna quickly combines the box structure, which can be completed in 5 minutes without the need for other tools. (Except for towel poles and newspaper racks)
Microcomputer control system, simple operation, fashionable technology, remote operation of mobile app, security guarantee.
Adopting surround high fidelity audio, providing you with the enjoyment of HOSPA music while using.
The high-quality natural wood style, exquisite craftsmanship, elegant and beautiful appearance, can better highlight your taste at home.
Each device has a negative oxygen ion content of over 20000 per cubic centimeter, providing you with the enjoyment of the forest waterfall.
We have obtained the most advanced country's quality certification CE; CB; FCC; SIRIM; CQC, etc
High quality products are the only ones that dare to provide global unified quality assurance for an extended period of time.
Far infrared carbon ink hot plate: 10-year warranty.
Tianyi far-infrared sauna room is a super high-quality product, and the after-sales maintenance rate is close to zero. However, we still consider that dealers can handle maintenance matters by themselves, adopt Modular design, and easily replace each kind of accessories within 10 minutes.
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